Vacuum enthalpy cooling

Baked goods stability throughout the day
  • Baked goods crispness and stability throughout the day
  • Germ-free: Extend shelf life by up to 3 weeks
  • Enormous energy-saving potential
  • Time savings of approx. 70 %

The VEK vacuum process takes the cooling of oven-hot products to a new dimension

The new “vacuum process” cools down baked goods faster than any previously known method. Baked goods hot from the oven are cooled down in just a few minutes. The cooled products are immediately available for further processing such as cutting or packaging. Cooling the baked goods by means of VEK vacuum cooling creates sustained crispness and stability in baked goods throughout the day. VEK vacuum cells from WP have been designed for the continuous pick-up of product carriers.

Long lasting crispness and stability throughout the day:
Weight loss or moisture loss using the example of bread rolls

The 4 special VEK properties



We measure the internal pressure of the products and the pressure in the cell. The advantage of this is that the difference in pressure can be adjusted for each specific product. The measurement takes place via an insertion probe in the middle of the product and a pressure sensor in the chamber. The result is saved in the recipe programme and stored for repeat runs.



The patented cold air circulation system is switched on as soon as a pre-set negative pressure is reached in the cell. This is how the system produces soft, dimensionally stable baked goods.



Moisture can be added to the product at any time. Depending on the product, moisture is added at any stage of the process. This allows you to set the crispness of products individually.



After reaching the set minimum pressure, germ-free air is fed into the cell via clean-air filters until the normal ambient pressure is reached. Delivering cooled, germ-free products.


1. Cross connection
(circulation, optional):

Used for emergency operation, e.g. parallel connection of the chambers to be able to operate them with a single pump stand.

2. Vacuum cell:

Area where the product is continuously vacuumized.

3. Back ventilation
using filter system:

  • Pressure compensation
  • Filters improve the durability of the product

4. Conveyor system:

  • Customizable

5. Distance between pump stand and cell:

  •  max. 8 to 10 m

6. Pump stand:

  • Creates the vacuum
  • Controls the vacuum process

7. Cooling block:

  • Used for cooling water supply and production

8. Cross connection
(vacuum pump, optional):


Performance, maximum benefit, and modular options

WP VEK is the key to economic efficiency: cooling baked goods faster, saving energy. The products have a longer lasting crispness, remain firm longer, and are immediately ready to cut. The shelf life in the refrigerator is extended by up to three weeks.

  1. Extension of shelf life:
    • Vacuum process kills germs and products are packaged germ-free. This extends the shelf life by up to 3 weeks.
  2. Fast cooling to cutting and packaging temperature:
    • Cooling down to low temperatures in a very short time
    • Minimum loss of moisture
    • Time gain in the production process
    • Energy cost savings
  3. Efficiency and time savings:
    • Storage and transport temperatures at 4 to 8 degrees celsius
    • Reduced energy input during full baking
    • Fresh products for the customers faster
    • Aromatic browning process only in 2nd baking phase

VEK 4000 AB 800
Consisting of 2,000 mm long modules
6 800 x 600 baking trays, different products can be transported on or in the tray
Maximum headroom: 475 mm

VEK 6000 AB 800
Consisting of 3000 mm long modules
10 800 x 600 baking trays, different products can be transported on or in the tray
Maximum headroom: 475 mm

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