Start-up, training, maintenance and repairs. WP provides full support

Werner & Pfleiderer have an experienced team of engineers who each specialise in mechanics, electrics and start-up. They are available to customers for installation and start-up as well for the removal of faults and for overhauls and repairs. A strict safety and training programme is in place, warranting that all our work is faultless. Should the need arise, please feel free to ring our Service Division or contact us online.

This is how it works

Care & Repair services

  • Original spare parts
  • Repair service
  • Reconstruction and expansion of your current machinery
  • Emergency services in case of system failure
  • Hotline service
  • Service contracts for preventive maintenance

Special WP IB services

  • Condensate separator checks
  • WP-Green – Heat recovery & energy management
  • Facility cleaning according to European regulations and standards
  • Disposal of worn-out machinery
  • Asbestos disposal

Maintenance services

  • Oven/facility inspection
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Facility relocations to other sites
  • Software maintenance/Upgrade
  • Employee training
  • Burner maintenance


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