Crispbread lines

Sophisticated process lines for the production of crispbread

The process sequence in the production of crispbread begins with dough production. Dough raising, cooling and the application of dough. This is followed by several flouring and sprinkling processes. Then comes a special high-temperature continuous oven.

The number of heating zones or the length of the oven is adjusted to the necessary baking time in relation to the desired production output.

After the baking process, the crispbread plates are broken, cooled and fed to the subsequent cutting, sawing, stacking and packaging stations.

Types of crispbread:

  • Crispbread with milk
  • Crispbread with spelt
  • Crispbread with sesame seeds
  • Crispbread with caraway
  • Crispbread with dietary fiber


Dough premixer and feeder, Crispbread moulder, Flour duster, seeder and dusting flour conditioning, Dockering rollers and dough sheet cutter, High temperature continuous oven, Cutting, sawing and stacking machine, Conveyors and feeding systems to the downstream processing stations (finishing, packaging, etc.)


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