Hard biscuit lines

Sophisticated process lines for the production of hard biscuits or cracker

The process of making hard biscuits or cracker starts with dough production followed by dough feed and moulding. Next, the products are transported through a rotary cutter and on into an SNK tunnel oven or any other suitable combination of ovens.
The number of oven modules or zones is depending on the necessary baking time and the desired product performance. An optimal baking process can be achieved with the right selection of zones (number of burners).

Via a cooling conveyor and a stacker the products are then moved on to the final step, the packaging.

Product examples

  • Crackers: Cream crackers, soda crackers, cocktail crackers, mixed crackers, potato crackers, cheese crackers
  • Hard biscuits: Traditional hard biscuits, biscuits for kids, animal biscuits, plain biscuit that can be enhanced with crème or chocolate


Mixer, continuous dough production and dough feed, Laminator, rotary cutter with gauge rollers, Tunnel ovens and oven combinations with various heating systems, Cooling conveyors and feeding systems to the downstream processing stations (finishing, packaging, etc.)


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