Baguette lines

Sophisticated process lines for the production of baguettes

The production of baguettes starts with dough production and dough make-up. Next, the dough pieces are given their final proof before they reach the Therm hermhermadordordor tunnel oven. Alternatively, the process can also be used with multi-level technology. Industrially produced baguettes can either be baked directly on the hearth or on trays. The number of oven modules is depending on the necessary baking time in relation to the maximum traveling speed (performance). Via cooling conveyors, the baked products are moved to the packaging equipment.


  • Baguette
  • Half Baguette
  • Petit Pain


Mixer, Dough make-up, Proofing system, Finishing, Oven, Cooling and freezing systems, Conveying and packaging systems


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