1873 |
Paul Freyburger receives a royal patent in Württemberg for a universal mixing

1875 |
Paul Pfleiderer sets up a company in London. The newly formed company,
Hermann Werner Maschinenfabrik, located in Cannstatt, Stuttgart, commences
production of dough mixers

1879 |
Hermann Werner begins production of WERNER & PFLEIDERER mixing-machines
in Cannstatt, Stuttgart

1880 |
Official registration of the name WERNER & PFLEIDERER, engineers, in Cannstatt

1886 |
First registered logo

1886 |
Complete systems for the production of army-rusks

1889 |
WP Vienna founded

1890 |
First baking-ovens with steampipe heating system

1892 |
Introduction to the biscuit-industry with a biscuit and rusk cutting machine

1895 |
First Viennara steampipe peel oven

1900 |
Subsidiaries in Berlin, Moscow, London, Paris, Vienna and Saginaw/USA

1904 |
Foundation of factory WERNER,PFLEIDERER & PERKINS in Peterborough/England

1910 |
Begin of automation of baking (Cont. working tray oven with a capacity of
10.000 rolls/h.)

1933 |
First steampipe oven made of steel

1938 |
Cyclotherm-heating-system invented

1950 |
Product development for the automation of bread producing factories

1955 |
Patent registered for the continuous mixing systems

1960 |
Invention of MULTIMAT automatic roll dividing and rounding machine
revolutionizes the bakery

1976 |
First fully-automatic flat bread line

1982 |
First fully-automated pan bread line

1986 |
Automation of tunnel ovens (Fresh baked goods)

1991 |
Automation of tunnel ovens (Dry baked goods)

1994 |
New development of lab ovens for the product development under
production conditions in different oven systems

1998 |
New development of dough dividing and rounding machine CRD 10,
weight/pcs. 26 - 150g, up to 24.000 pcs./h, Gewicht/Stk. 24 - 350g,
bis zu 30.000 Stk./h

2000 |
WPIB is one of the founding members of the BAKERY ENGINEERING ALLIANCE

2001 |
WPIB acquires the industrial division of Winkler Bäckereimaschinen,
Villingen-Schwenningen as well as their US subsidiary

2003 |
New development of convection oven for the biscuit industry

2007 |
New development of the THERMADOR tunnel oven

2012 |
New development of a multi-product peel board

2014 |
Realization of a turnkey industrial bakery project in Azerbaijan

2014 |
New development of an intruder for twisted sticks

2015 |
New development of a high-performance basket bread line with 3 basket forms, 4.200 breads/h.



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