Soft pretzel lines

Sophisticated process lines for the production of soft pretzels and similar lye-treated products

The production of soft pretzels and similar lye-treated products starts with dough metering and extrusion. Next stations are the lye bath, the sprinkler or seeder, the cutter and finally the oven. WP is offering its SNK convection oven for this type of baked goods. For other types of lye-treated baked goods such as cocktail pretzels, different cutters or moulders can be provided.

The number of oven modules is depending on the necessary baking time in relation to the maximum traveling speed. After baking, the soft pretzel products are transported to the packaging machines. The length of the conveyors shall correspond to the required cooling time.

Lye-treated baked goods

  • Pretzels moulded or cut
  • Sticks extruded or cut
  • Sticks coextruded with savoury filling
  • Sticks coextruded with sweet filling
  • Application of salt, sesame seeds, cheese or mixed spices


Mixer, continuous dough production and dough feed, Sticks press, biscuit moulder
Lye bath with sprinkler and cutter, Tunnel ovens and oven combinations with various
heating systems, Cooling conveyors and feeding systems to the downstream processing stations (finishing, packaging, etc.)


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