Rusk lines

Sophisticated process lines for the production of rusk

The production process for rusk starts with the production of the dough. Next stations are dough aeration, cooling and application as well as several flour dusting and seeding processes followed by a special high temperature tunnel oven. The number of heating zones or the length of the continuous oven is depending on the necessary baking time in relation to the desired production performance. After baking, the crispbread sheets are broken, sawn, cooled and transported to the downstream stations for cutting, stacking and packaging.


Mixer, continuous dough production and dough feed, Dough make-up, intermediate proofer, moulder, Final proofer, Continuous oven, transport of pans, Bread depanner, bread cooling, Bread slicer and slice handling machine, Continuous toast oven
Product stacking and feeding systems to the downstream processing stations (finishing, packaging, etc.)


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