Deviation of weight per dough piece

The biggest problem in cutting dough strands is the high deviation of the dough pieces weight. The Guillotine cuts the dough strand into dough pieces of the same size but not of the same weight. The fluctuations in weight are usually compensated by a higher dough quantity. This causes additional costs for the producer. a thing past due to Delta Cutting Robot

During Europain 2010 trade show WP LAMINATING has showed the brand new innovation for modern dough strand make-up: the DELTA CUTTING ROBOT

The DELTA CUTTING ROBOT of WP LAMINATING uses a new technology in order to considerably improve the weight precision. The dough strands run through a laser-beam. Two cameras are searching for unevennesses by scanning the geometry of each dough strand. In a fraction of a second the control evaluates the results. The successive cutting robot gets the information where to make the precise cut in order to produce dough pieces of the same weight. Therefor the robot jumps back and forward between the dough strands, if necessary even over the whole width.

Innovative laminating technology

WP LAMINATING, a co-operation between Werner & Pfleiderer Industrial Bakery Technologies and RINC Europe, offers high-tech solutions for the Laminating technologies and the dough strand make-up.


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