Tunnel oven THERMADOR

Efficient, modular and versatile

Achieving premium quality in baking processes in line with the requirements imposed by each product calls for individual temperature, heat transfer and moisture profiles. The WP solution for achieving perfect baking results along with optimised energy use has a name: THERMADOR.

This reliable tunnel oven for continuous production of the entire range of products unites the latest baking technology and high economic efficiency with reliability and durability.

Energy optimisation

Since energy costs nowadays present a continuously increasing proportion of the overall manufacturing costs for bakery products, Werner & Pfleiderer have developed appropriate concepts that reduce energy consumption thus saving energy costs, while at the same time manufacturing reproducible premium quality products:

  • Process control and monitoring
  • No surface losses thanks to optimum module design and highly efficient heat insulation
  • Use of energy-efficient materials
  • Duo fans with increased performance
  • Quattro system
  • Controlled amount of steam supply tailored to individual needs low exhaust gas temperatures
  • Reduced baking times

Oven automation

Rising labour costs and competitive constraints call for automated solutions. For this reason, THERMADOR is equipped with either semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems. In this, Werner & Pfleiderer rely on state-of-the-art  digital control technology. User-friendly touch-screens that can be easily understood together with logic avoid operating errors.

Process optimisation

Semi- or fully-automatically controlled

  • Baking time
  • Heating gas temperature / zone temperatures (separate for top and bottom heat)
  • Amount of vapour and moisture temperatures of the radiation wall
  • Automatic conversion to new process data with change of product type gap detection and automatic corrective adjustments of zones for top and bottom heat
  • Speed and direction of rotation of duo fans.
  • The automatic activation of the duo fans prevents the oven from over- heating in case of suboptimal charging states. Heating gas and steam dampers are electrically driven and integrated in the control system.


  • Zero error technology: the system is self-regulating
  • 99 different recipes can be stored
  • Display of all operating data and of temperature profile along all oven zones
  • Reproducibility and product traceability
  • Display of all events and alarms
  • Comprehensive user service level for operational start-up included in the user level,
  • Service & maintenance possible without needing an additional programming device
  • Remote diagnostics via internet & telephone

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