Infrared coating SPECTRA

The Principle

Through the maximum absorption of the SPECTRA-wave length the radiation energy penetrates the product on a deeper level. The time needed until the desired temperature is reached is greatly reduced. The energy demand is lower. By maintaining more moisture throughout the baking process the product freshness is prolonged.

Product options


  • Shorter baking times
  • Faster heating to core temperature
  • Increase in baking output or decrease in oven size
  • Higher moisture in the product
  • Fully developed crump with adjustable crust formation
  • More volume through increased oven spring
  • Reduced baking loss
  • Ideal for half or par baked products

Your Benefit:

  • Oven performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Oven efficiency
  • Product shelf life
  • Product quality
  • Product yield
  • Resource efficiency
  • Diverse usage

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