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World of Process

World of Process – the iba motto of the WP BAKERYGROUP – stands for the German global market leader's internationally unrivaled process competence that covers the entire spectrum from single machine to entire lines and industrial engineering systems for every productions step and for bakeries of any size. WP BAKERYGROUP's five production facilities have developed a variety of new highlights for the iba 2015. The following innovations will be presented for the first time:

  • Bread competence: DECOSEEDER automatic seeding unit from WP Haton
  • Industrial dough dividing and moulding competence: TEWIMAT SOFT and TEWIMAT BIG BALL from WP Bakery Technologies
  • Industrial roll baking competence: High performance SOFT STAR CTi dough divider and EVOLUTION roll baking system
  • Baking competence: SPECTRA infrared tray coating from WP Industrial Bakery Technologies
  • Baking competence: ITES infrared oven from WP Riehle
Bread competence: DECOSEEDER automatic seeding unit
The DECOSEEDER is the first automatic seeding unit for industrial bread production. Up to 4,200 bread dough pieces per hour can automatically be sprinkled all around. All common seeds can be used. Bakeries produce more efficient, more economical and more hygienic with the newly developed seeding unit for automatic bread lines. The DECOSEEDER can be integrated in new and existing automatic WP BAKERYGROUP bread lines as well as in lines of other manufacturers.

The DECOSEEDER is equipped with a sensor that detects every single dough piece and controls the seeding. For a perfect all-around seeding the dough pieces are rolled through a bed of seeds. The upper forming unit is equipped with a side guide for firming and dressing the dough pieces. After seeding, the seeds are pressed against the dough with a pressing board, the excess decoration is caught and the dressed dough pieces are placed on a conveyor belt.

Youtube Video Decoseeder

Industrial dough dividing and moulding competence: TEWIMAT SOFT for soft dough and TEWIMAT BIG BALL for large weights
WP Bakery Technologies presents two new versions of TEWIMAT head machine at the iba 2015. TEWIMAT SOFT and TEWIMAT BIG BALL have been designed to perfectly process long maturing, soft dough as well as larger weights. The equipment can be combined and can be again expanded according to the area of application with the Second Rounder remoulding station.

The TEWIMAT SOFT was given a sophisticated mechanical design that processes dough that has pre-matured for a longer time with a yield of 160 to 170 particularly soft and gentle. In conjunction with BIG BALL the weight range can thus be expanded to 28 to 450 g. Even with very high weights very round dough pieces can be achieved using the Second Rounder. Through the process of second rounding the dough pieces are allowed more time to rest, the moulding movement is slow and with reduced pressure. This gentle processing maintains the dough structures for end products with consistently high quality.

Utmost dividing precision, careful handling of the dough and a perfect round moulding result: the TEWIMAT with its new equipment features meets all requirements for a fully automatic dough divider and round moulding machine even with particularly soft dough and high weights.

Industrial roll baking competence: High performance SOFT STAR CTi dough divider and EVOLUTION roll baking system
The system that WP Kemper will be presenting at the iba 2015 is efficient, highly variable and especially made for use in multiple shift operation in industrial bakeries. It comprises the SOFT STAR CTi high-performance dough divider and roundmoulding machine as well as the further advanced EVOLUTION roll baking system and is suitable for automatic processing of all commercial roll and fat baked pastry dough.
The maximum hourly output of SOFT STAR CTi and EVOLUTION was increased to 36,000 pieces. The overall performance was thus increased by 20 % thanks to moving-along modules and new high-performance drives. The advantage: increased productivity, faster return on investment as well as less staff and floor space required in relation to the hourly output when compared to its predecessor model.
Since the system was given a modular design, various products can be produced on a single system and therefore response to seasonal differences in the product program becomes child's play. Subsequent expandability leads to long-term variability in the product program.

Particular focus was placed on ergonomic design for easy cleaning. The EVOLUTION is equipped with swing doors, the SOFT STAR CTi has an exceptionally large access flap to facilitate access for cleaning. In addition, all dough-handling parts inside the machine can be swiveled or removed and the dough processing is separated from the drive section.

The system can be easily operated via the INUS control that is used consistently for all WP Kemper systems and that allows communication of the systems with higher-level control systems.

Baking competence: SPECTRA infrared tray coating from WP Industrial Bakery Technologies
The newly developed infrared coating for radiation ovens improves the application of energy into the baking chamber significantly. This is of great advantage for the production of baked goods in more than one way.

SPECTRA infrared technology is used on the radiator trays for top heat. This new technology helps increase the infrared heat portion radiated from the trays. Thus, the emission factor increases significantly, which is a measure of the application of energy into the baking chamber . With uncoated radiators the radiation ratio is considerably less advantageous. SPECTRA infrared technology can for example be used in the THERMADOR tunnel oven.

The coating renders an improved baking result. On the one hand, the baked goods reach the core temperature faster. This means that the baking process is completed sooner. More moisture is left in the baked product which results in reduced weight loss and thus less baking loss. The baked item remains fresh longer. On the other hand, stabilization of the crumb is increased with a crumb thickness adjustable by means of the baking temperature.

Productivity of the baking system is enhanced. Baking time is reduced thanks to higher degree of absorption in the baking item. Baking time for deep-frozen pretzels, for example, is reduced from 16 to just 7 minutes. This makes it possible to either increase the load per square meter or to reduce the oven length at the same system performance. Baking efficiency is increased significantly.

Baking competence: ITES infrared oven
With ITES, newly developed in time for the iba 2015, partially baked, deep-frozen baked goods and snacks can be fully baked in no time and with the best quality thanks to state-of-the-art infrared technology. Due to its compact design, the oven is not only suitable for efficient branch store use of bakeries but also for use by food retailers, gastronomy and the hotel industry.

ITES combines a conventional oven and the latest infrared technology. While the typical oven heat from the outside defrosts the deep-frozen goods, infrared waves penetrate the bakery item and bake it from the inside. Thawing and defrosting in the oven becomes thus possible with less moisture loss than with conventional methods. This has a positive effect on the flavor and keeps the baked goods fresh longer.

The oven is particularly suitable for pretzels, baguettes, pizza slices and many other snacks. The sophisticated production process cuts on baking times by up to 70 %, depending on the type of bakery item. One reason for this is that the baking time in the ITES shorter. Another reason is that the frozen goods must not be thawed any longer prior to the baking.